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About Me

Hello, my name is Delaney Cahill and I am a gymnast training at Will-Moor School of Gymnastics in Mount Laurel, NJ. I will be a junior at Shawnee High School in Medford, NJ putting me in the graduating class of 2015.

About my Gymnastics

I compete as a level 10 gymnast for Will-Moor Gymnastics and I am very proud of my accomplishments which can be seen to the right. I invite you to look at some videos of this season which can be found in the video section. Also, I am working on upgrading my skills on each event and will be adding videos as the year progresses.

Come Back Soon

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and taking an interest in my gymnastics. Please bookmark this website as I will be updating my website frequently. Remember to check back often to follow my progress and view the latest videos I will post from competitions and training.

Current Gymnastics Skills


Below you will find a list of skills I have successfully competed along with some skills I am currently training for being able to compete level 10.

Skills marked with an asterisk represent the new skills that will be added to my competitive routines later this season. By going to the video section of my website you can see these skills and how I am progressing. Also in the video section you can watch some of my previous competitions.




  • Yurchenko Pike
  • Yurchenko Layout
  • Yurchenko Tuck Full *
  • Yurchenko Layout Half *




  • BHS - Back Layout
  • Side Aerial - Split Jump
  • Side Aerial - Side Somi
  • Side Aerial - BHS *
  • Beat Jump - Split Full
  • Switch Leap - Wolf Full
  • Switch Leap - Split jump 3/4 - Back Tuck Full Dismount Also Tuck 1 1/2
  • Side Aerial - Tuck Full Dismount *



  • Clearhip HS - Overshoot HS - Toe Shoot HS - Hect to HB
  • Clearhip Blind Full *
  • Hect to HB
  • Geinger
  • Blind Front Giant *
  • Giant Full *
  • Double Tuck Dismount


  • RO Back LO1 1/2 Twist - Front LO
  • RO Back LO 2 1/2 Twist
  • RO Back LO 2 1/2 Twist - Sissone *
  • FHS - Front LO - LO Full *
  • RO BHS Double Pike
  • FHS - Front LO 1 1/2 Twist*
  • Switch Ring Leap - Split Full
  • Switch Side Leap - Starddle Full


Recent Videos

Here you will find video thumbnails of some competition routines and skills I am training. I will be updating this section often so remember to check back frequently. You can view full size versions of the videos by clicking on the button on the bottom right of the video controls for each video * NOTE: Please ignore the timestamp on the videos since it is incorrect

Academic Information


Shawnee High School

Address: 600 Tabernacle Road
Medford, NJ 08055

Telephone: 609-654-7544

Guidance Counselor: Kevin Looney

GPA: 4.0


List of my Courses

Freshman Year
GPA =4.0

  • Spanish 1 - Level 2
  • Biology 1 - Level 2
  • English 1 Honors- Level 1
  • Geometry 1 - Level 2



Junior Year

  • Advanced Biology
  • Honors Spanish
  • English III
  • History III
  • Business
  • Pre-Calculus


Sophomore Year
GPA = 3.86

  • Chemistry 1 - Level 2
  • Spanish 2 Honors- Level 1
  • English 2 Honors- Level 1
  • US History 1 - Level 2
  • Algebra 2 - Level 2



Senior Year

  • Calculus
  • English 4
  • Physics
  • World Cultures
  • Accounting


Contact Me

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